Six Funk-Busting Ideas to Bring More Life to Life

Mental auto-pilot might make life easier, but not always better.

Photo by Dimitar Belchev on Unsplash

1. See advocates, not adversaries

2. Exchange judgment for curiosity

3. Find a different question

4. Challenge my senses

5. See something, say something

6. Make eye contact and hold on a little longer

“So I had the most profound encounters with people, especially lonely people who looked like they hadn’t talked to anyone in weeks, and we would get this beautiful moment of prolonged eye contact being allowed in a city street, and we would sort of fall in love a little bit. And my eyes would say — ‘Thank you. I see you.’ And their eyes would say — ‘Nobody ever sees me. Thank you.’”

Not Just a Regular Life

On a quest to become a better human, I write about parenting, leadership, and personal development. Currently pursuing a master’s in organizational leadership.

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