Practice these things and you’ll change lives for the better.

Bosses make our lives better or worse with the simplest of inconsequential acts. A “good job” can mean the world. A well-placed critique can change a career for the better. But a thoughtless comment will damage any relationship, never more so than when one person has the ability to terminate…

To admit we lack self-confidence is to become a whistleblower on ourselves. But if we don’t help ourselves, who will?

Self-confidence. It seems like such an obvious thing. We should all have it. We should be born with it — this confidence in the self. Simple. But it’s not. Expecting everyone to have self-confidence in every situation is like expecting every child to intuit how to ride a bike simply…

I scared myself silly climbing a mountain (and I’d do it again).

We bumped along a rutted dirt road in a rented SUV, parking a quarter mile from the trailhead leading to the summit of Mount Democrat. The four of us hoisted backpacks stuffed with water, food, dry socks, and extra clothes onto our backs. The thin, 38-degree air nipped at exposed…

Avoid these three things and your team will thank you.

Leaders with positional power have broad authority. Broad authority means consequences for bad behavior may be delayed or non-existent. If goals are being met, leaders may not feel the need to change negative behaviors. Even leaders with the best intentions can sometimes fall prey to small abuses of positional power…

Why we ask and answer the wrong questions

Questions without easy answers abound. But we humans hate that. Our brains like certainty. Tough, complex problems without clear solutions make us very unhappy indeed. In these situations, particularly where public pressure exists to find a fast and clean answer, we’re susceptible to a type of cognitive bias called substitution

Angela Noel Lawson

Drawing from life experience and a master’s in organizational leadership, I write about parenting, leading, relationships, and personal growth. Views are my own

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